Customer Services

Our Customer Services Team remains the cornerstone of our service and success.
We know how hard it is to win new clients and keep your existing customers happy.

Information and feedback are key, whether you need an urgent shipment update, help with difficult delivery, or just want to find the best way to do something. We can help.
Our On- and Offline Support Team linked with our unique DHL Implant Team are constantly reviewing all undelivered items to ensure goods are delivered on time.


Customer Services Department:
Monday to Friday - 07.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs 
Saturday - 08.00 hrs until 17.00 hrs

Customer Services

Online Chat and Ways to Contact Us:

At Norsk, we are constantly looking to implement ways to make your access to quality service easier. We have been testing a new in-house Online Chat department which has received a lot of favourable reviews. We are frequently asked to deal directly with our customer's customers in issue resolution. We offer this service to give you, our customers the ability to plug in to a full service, including Customer Services - allowing you to spend more time bringing in business, and letting us deal with the day to day.

All of our contact access is through the Contact page. We operate an email helpdesk for both general enquiries and IT issues. Online chat and a fully trained (IATA) in house Call centre.