So who is Dorothy?

Dorothy is the reason Norsk has carried on for 25 years, and her satisfaction is what drives all of us here handling the day to day management of thousands of parcels destined for Dorothys all over the world.

Sure we have Directors, Senior Managers, Supervisors, Managers and so on just like nearly every other company but the most powerful force for change at Norsk is; you guessed it – Dorothy.

What would be the point in delivering a broken world? The world we present to Dorothy, is well wrapped, delivered on time and always as promised.

About Norsk, the company that keeps Dorothy happy:

Norsk is a privately owned independent company with over 25 years' experience in the International distribution and delivery sector. Over this time we have created a comprehensive set of export and import services worldwide all designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

As a business we understand that every customer is unique and therefore doesn’t expect an "out of the box" solution to their distribution requirements. We are proactive in creating innovative solutions all designed to make our customers lives easier.

Communication and accountability are vital in today’s world. We have high specification technical solutions that are all managed in-house. Our cutting edge EDI and API solutions interface seamlessly with our customers & suppliers to provide you with a constant easy view on all your deliveries.

With our long standing partnerships with our agents around the world, we are able to deliver to the highest standards.

We realise there are a lot of competitors out there - What sets us apart?


We realise that’s a bold statement, but let us become part of your International journey and we won’t let you down.

We're nuts about Dorothy!