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Denied Party Screening

What is a ‘Denied Party’?

A ‘denied party’ is an individual or entity that is subject to sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, US or another relevant authority. It is strictly prohibited for Norsk, DHL or any other carrier, to transport shipments on behalf of or to these individual or entities.

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What is the sanctions listing?

A governing sanctions list is a listing of known denied parties (individuals or entities), that are prohibited from shipping goods around the world. This could be due to a number of reasons – one very severe example being a direct link to a terror organisation.

How we identify a Denied Party

A Denied Party is identified by their full name, passport/ID details and address. If Norsk receives a shipment with incomplete consignee data then this could be identified as a potential Denied Party and held for full address and contact details. As part of the Authorised Economic operators such as DHL they will advise Norsk once a shipment has been placed on hold for a Denied Party scan. DHL are deemed responsible to perform their own due diligence and ensure that they are not facilitating the transportation of goods for individuals or entities listed on a government sanctions list.

To do this, DHL has a dedicated team of professionals based in Prague, that screen shipments constantly for the validity of each match or link between the shipper, consignee and those listed on the governing sanctions list.

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What if there is a match?

Should there be a potential match between a denied party and the shipper or recipient on the paperwork of a shipment, Norsk may be asked to contact the client, UK shipper or receiver to provide further information to release the goods. In the majority of cases, this is simply to demonstrate that DHL have sufficient evidence to prove that the shipper or receiver is not the same individual or entity that is listed on a governing sanctions list.

It has been found that shipments that get stopped on a regular basis are the ones where the address and contact details of the consignee are incomplete. Mr/Mrs/Miss Smith, Smith or just a first name for example are not good enough and we would then need the full name of this person to re-submit. In some cases we may be asked for a copy of the said person’s passport to clarify identity.

For more information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services on 01753 800 800.

A handy guide to Volume Ratios

1 CBM = 167kg or 6000:1

1 CBM = 200kg or 5000:1


1CBM = 333kg* or 3000:1
1CBM = 300kg* or 3333:1
1CBM = 250kg* or 4000:1

1 CBM = 1,000kg or 1000:1

GIRTH (circumference + length)
1 x Length + 2 x Width + 2 x Height = Girth
Example Length = 70cm Width = 50cm Height = 40cm
70cm + 100cm + 80cm = 250cm girth
This is normally used as a size restriction always check volume ratio


1CBM = 167kg
> N. 8 packages, total weight kg. 450, dimensions of each package 75 x 65 x 80 cm.
> The volume of the shipment is 8 x 0.75 x 0.65 x 0.80 = 3.12 m3
> The chargeable weight is then 3.12 m3 x 167 = 521 kg > 450 kg
> The shipment cost will be calculated on the chargeable weight of 521 kg.
> N. 8 packages, total weight kg. 450, dimensions of each package 75 x 65 x 80 cm.
> The volume of the shipment is 8 x 75 x 65 x 80 = 3,120,000 cm
> The chargeable weight is then 3,120,000/6000 = 520kg > 450 kg
> The shipment cost will be calculated on the chargeable weight of 520 kg.

*Loading metre
A loading metre corresponds to 1 linear metre of loading space in a truck. This is used as a calculation unit for goods that cannot be stacked or when stacking of or on top of these goods is not allowed, compensating for any lost volume. The loading metre conversion factor will be included in the offer; 1 loading metre often corresponds to 1850 kgs.1 euro pallet = 0.4 loading metre; 1 block pallet = 0.5 loading metre.

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