Network Partner Service

What you need to know:

  • Express
  • Simple Pricing
  • No Overweight Piece (OWP) Surcharge
  • No Oversized Piece (OSP) Surcharge
  • No Remote Area Surcharge (RAS)
  • Volume – 5000:1
  • Dimensions cannot exceed 120 cm along one side
  • 30 Kg per Piece
  • Dangerous Goods are currently not permitted due to line haul restrictions (Please contact our DG team at for a quote)
  • Timed delivery options available on request

Close Out Times:

  • Days 1–5: 20.00 hrs
  • Day 6: 14.00 hrs

Additional Information:

In this constantly changing market place our customers are looking for more choice based on time, cost and supplier. As part of our commitment to providing this we continue to look at route development and now offer an Agent only express service to Europe.

Network Partner Service

FAQ About this Service

How do I Book a Shipment?

We have an online booking system called e-Ship which can be used to generate an airway bill for services available at Norsk. The system can also be used to generate a DHL label if you wish to book a collection from you or your customer, or drop into your local DHL depot. If you use your own airway bills and have an account with us you do not need to book in advance and can drop the shipment into our LHR depot.

How do I get a Quote?

Quotes can be generated via our e-Ship system. Your bespoke or discounted rates are applied to the system and will be displayed on e-Ship. Alternatively if you require a spot rate for any heavy weight shipments, or special deliveries you can contact our commercial desk who will be able to provide you with a bespoke price.