The Team

The backbone of Norsk is our team. Their passion to get it right has always been at the heart of the business.

As an independent and flexible organisation, Norsk is perfectly positioned to deliver bespoke and innovative solutions only made possible by the proactive, professional enthusiasm and dedication of its staff.

Many of our team have been with Norsk for many years. This gives you access to over 100 people, all working on your behalf to make your life easier.

The team at Norsk rise easily to any new challenge within this competitive and ever-changing industry. You could say that there is a healthy obsession within each division to continually create new and innovative systems and processes to assist our customers in achieving the optimum value across the service we deliver.


"I manage the London route on a day to day basis."


"Integrator imports are my thing, specialising in DHL and TNT. Anything from Brazil or Bhutan, I'm your man!"


"I ensure that your packages are labelled correctly and handled safely on the correct routes."


"I head up Customer Services in our EMA hub office."


"I have been with Norsk for many years, currently one of the Wholesale Customer Relations Managers."


"In my 20 years at Norsk, I've seen many changes. I now head up the DG division."


"I give the best bespoke spot rates from all our networks in our LHR Commercial department."


"My world is populated with Numbers. Any Pricing or Accounts issues, I am your guy!"


"I joined Norsk as an intern and now operate state of the art infrastructure as a full IT Support Technician."


"I head up the Norsk HR department, bringing experience from diverse industries."


"I am head of operations at our EMA hub and our newest warehouse."


"I man the UK desk, ensuring rates are correct and national services run without a hitch."


"I head up the IT Department, delivering solutions to make Norsk lead the way in our sector."


"I’ll get anything from anywhere at anytime. Imports management is my speciality."


"I head up our Supply Chain offering and can answer many of your questions pertaining to retail logistics."


"I make sure you know the minute any package is being held."


"I spend most of my time in operations, liaising face to face with many of our customers."


"I work in marketing, you will see my work on most of our websites and print media."


"I manage operations on a day-to-day basis as well as man the X-Ray machine in our bonded area."


"I head up our Finance Department looking over both our LHR and EMA office."