Returns Management (Eturns)

Returns management or reverse logistics is an important area for retailers. It can make or break customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the bottom line if the products are not put back on the shelf fast enough.

To top it all it's a regulation minefield with the Consumer Rights directive, WEEE directive, and the Product Safety directive. Eturns provides integrated returns management solutions which give retailers peace of mind that their customers’ returns are being handled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We have solutions that cater for approval on a per item basis and allow for the consumer to bear the total or partial cost of any return.

We can collect money from the buyer or bill the seller with our various settlement options.

Eturns even has facilities to destroy or sell unwanted stock in country.

All our offshore partners have been part of our network for over 20 years and are fully linked to our warehouse control program so you have constant visibility of all your stock returns.

This service above all others is tailored to suit your specific needs as we have found the needs of a returns service vary such between countries, client type and consumer demands.

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