Shipping Conditions

Important service information and shipping conditions for all Norsk Tariffs, please read carefully.

Our Tariffs:

  • All prices are shown in GBP
  • Prices exclude fuel and service surcharges
  • Price exclude UK VAT
  • All current fuel and service surcharges are available on our customer portal and on your tariffs

Transit Times:

  • Do not account for customs clearance for non EU routes
  • Transit times are an indication and are not guaranteed
  • Transit times are based on working days
  • Some remote areas fall outside the transit time quoted

Special Pre-alerts:

No pre-alert = no can do

  • All specials must be pre-alerted to our customer service team before 7pm Monday – Friday
  • Always call to check that we have received your pre-alert

This applies to all special timed deliveries and any special instructions – for example, free domicile.


  • Addresses must be complete, no PO Boxes
  • Consignee name must be clearly shown
  • Consignee telephone number mandatory on all shipments
  • Zip code mandatory, consignments will be held at Norsk until we receive a zip code from you – no zip, no go
  • Countries with no zip codes shall be dispatched as normal
  • Any accompanying official declarations must be in clear copies attached to your consignments and fixed in an open pouch
  • All pieces in a multi-piece consignment must be individually labelled


  • All invoices treated as commercial invoices
  • 3 signed copies of the commercial invoice on original letterhead required
  • Must show broken down / detailed description of goods with values
  • VAT number for all dutiable shipments is mandatory on the paperwork
  • Must include importer’s name and address if different from the consignee
  • Shipments shall be held if accompanying paperwork is incorrect

For any shipment over £2,000.00 in value, a copy of the invoice must be sent to Norsk for Customs records at the address.

NES Entries:

A charge of £10.00 per entry.

  • UK Customs require Norsk to electronically seek consent for exports over £2,000.00GBP going outside the EU border
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to our close out to allow us time to complete the electronic permission routine
  • If you are doing the NES entry yourself, please provide 2 copies of the documents in an open pouch attached to your shipment – no charge applies
  • If you require a copy of the entry for your client’s files there is a charge of £10.00 per copy of the entry


It is your responsibility to vet all consignments and show contents on the HAWB. Samples or other coverall statements are not allowed, your shipment may suffer a delay whilst we carry out security checks.

Any undeclared dangerous material shall be seized and reported to the authorities.

Restricted Items:

The following items are restricted:

  • COD, CCX, T1, T2 and free domicile
  • Conference Exhibition Goods – deliveries to certain exhibitions may incur waiting time and surcharges which shall be passed to you
  • Personal Effects
  • FDA Declarations
  • Carnet Shipments
  • Cosmetics
  • Dry Ice

Although restricted, the above items can travel on certain routes. Please check with our Customer Services team prior to shipping.

Prohibited Items:

Ammunition, animals/reptiles/insects/birds, antiques, banderols, tax stickers, blank traveller’s cheque’s, bonds, bullion (gold/silver etc.), cash/currency, cut flowers, explosives, radioactive goods, firearms or parts, furs, human remains/ashes , illegal goods (KHAT. Drugs, marijuana), ivory or bush, meat, jewellery, liquids, live fish, livestock, negotiable stocks, perishables, plants, pornography, precious stones, seeds, shipside spares, weapons (real, replica, imitation), dangerous goods, works of art, perishables.

COD (Cash on Delivery):

This service carries a £35.00 surcharge.

Pre-alerts are mandatory.


All work is handled under our standard terms and conditions. A copy is available on request.


Please remember that we are a limited liability carrier and you may wish to insure your consignments separately.

Close Out Times:

A full cut off guide is available once you log in on our customer portal at
If your goods are received after the published close out times they will travel on the next working weekday.

Departure Days:

Please check our website for the departure days for each service.

Special Timed Deliveries:

Details must be marked on the HAWB and given to our operations staff separately by your driver.

Track and Trace:

For all tracking and tracing of your shipments please use our website
All you need to do is enter your username, password and reference number to track your shipment.
Please note that PODs are not always forthcoming on home deliveries and for some remote areas will only be available on request.

Non Deliveries/ Returns Policies:

Integrator policy is to attempt delivery a maximum of 3 occasions (this may vary in certain regions). If unsuccessful then the shipment is returned to Norsk automatically and a charge for the return is raised. Our agents policy varies so please check with Customer Services first.
Please note the tariff for returns is different from your export tariff. You will be advised of the cost of any returns.
Any returns not collected from Norsk within 5 days will automatically be returned to you via our UK overnight service and charged accordingly.

Hard Copy POD’s:

PODs/Hard copies are only kept for a maximum of 90 days. Unfortunately requests after this time cannot be honoured.