South Africa Customs Requirements

Please be advised that South African Customs have recently enforced stricter processes for clearances on high and low value shipments.

  • All goods have to be invoiced within the value method guidelines stipulated by the WCO ( Price paid or payable, Identical Goods, Similar Goods, etc).
  • All goods shipped free of charge have to be valued by using the above guidelines.
  • All goods have to be shipped on a commercial invoice.
  • Proforma invoices are prohibited.
  • Hand written invoices are prohibited.
  • All invoice have to be in English with proper descriptions broken down per commodity.
  • It is recommended that the HS customs tariff codes be recorded next to the various commodities in order to simplify the clearance process.
  • All samples and declared as such on the commercial invoice, have to be mutilated to beyond commercial gain.
  • If declared as samples and found not mutilated, severe delays and penalties plus duties and taxes at the normal rate will reply.
  • Once shipment may contain several types of samples however no more than 5 pieces per style are allowed.
  • Samples not mutilated must not be referred to as such on the invoices and  must be declared at the correct customs value, see earlier note on value.
  • All stones (precious or semi-precious), hair, hair pieces, wigs and products over the total weight of 50 kg will be formally declared and do not qualify for the simplified customs clearance process.
  • Default manifested values of EUR/USD 1/10 etc are not allowed and treated with suspicion and care in manifesting has to be taken prior to data transmission to ZA.
  • All goods subject to control by other governmental organisations (Port Health, Plant, Vet etc) are not allowed for clearance on the bulk simplified clearance process.