Specialist Services

Norsk is not just a shipping network.

We've worked hard to provide a comprehensive set of additional services to add value to any courier or shipping company. We have our own Customs badge, have several IATA-trained operatives on site at any one time, offer our clients access to specialist services like cargo and the postal networks and x-ray services for ad hoc baggage requirements.

Dangerous Goods

Specialists in sending perfumes and ID8000 items internationally by Air, our specialists will advise you of the exact path to get your goods where they need to go

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We have partnered with both local and international postal networks offering keen access to rates for smaller package size and can handle high volume requirements

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With our own Customs badge at London Heathrow, we offer wheels up and local clearances. Speak with our in-house team specialists to see where we can help you

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We offer specialist insurance for any item shipped on the DHL network

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We developed a new Airport to Airport consolidation service based on the needs of the customer to make sending cargo as seamless and as easy as possible

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