Weight and Volume

Our state of the art weight and volume machines run by default on all packages that are shipped by us. In some cases, we are effectively able to save companies a lot of money in being able to rectify weights that are incorrectly input at time of booking. This makes for a smoother entry into the Integrator networks.

Our high tech machines by SICK at both our LHR and EMA hubs, offer:

  • Legal-for-trade capture of volume and weight data with integrated code reading
  • Flexible system design individually adapted for our exact application
  • Highest measurement accuracy – even in our industrial environment
  • Extremely high read rates in combination with proven reliability
  • Full integration into our conveyor systems without reduction of throughput

The lasers in our scanners have been custom made to pick up the exact weight and volume of the smallest of packages. Whether it is a single letter, or a large box of fashion accessories going to the Parisian catwalk, we will be able to charge you for the exact volumetric weight - every time.

Weight and Volume

Our focus on transparency in every facet of our organisation has attracted and maintained a special relationship with many small and large shippers. In fact, we currently operate our weight and volume services for several integrators too.

FAQ About this Service

Do you offer Tailor-made Services?

We understand that a one-size-fits-all solution may not be suitable for your business. We can and do tailor make solutions utilising parts of our existing services. Contact us with your requirements.