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Every day, thousands of personal care products such as nail varnish, aerosols or perfumes are shipped by air transport. However, do we bear in mind that they can be required to be declared as dangerous goods?

The USA is one of the largest markets for both sales and growth of personal care products from the UK. With Norsk Supply Chain’s extensive experience not only in the eCommerce and Retail sector but also in the shipping of dangerous goods; we have a service which fulfils your every eCommerce requirement in a cost effective way. Our simple tracked postal solution allows you to reach your U.S. customers in 5 to 7 working days from the UK.

Using Norsk Supply Chain for these services couldn’t be simpler, we provide a number of easy to use solutions for labelling your deliveries, from API, EDI, bulk uploading of orders to simple web front end services. This enables you to have your packages labelled quickly and efficiently for final delivery.

As an approved Global Direct Entry wholesaler accredited by the United States Postal Service (USPS), we have direct access to all their tracked parcel services and they perform the final mile delivery with the USA.

eCommerce USA - USPS
eCommerce USA

eCommerce Returns Service from the USA

We recognise that customers need to return products for many different reasons. Our returns service provides a local U.S. return address, a simple online form and a returns shipping label. The end customer either calls a free phone number for pick up or takes to their local post office and pays the local postage cost. All return items are processed at our Newark, New Jersey hub by our own staff. Goods are then repatriated to the original country of export every few weeks.

We understand sometimes the return costs needs to be covered by the merchant (e.g. faulty goods). Our service can help control these shipping costs and makes it easy for the end customer.

Our online returns portal allows the merchant to control the process, lets U.S. customers shop with confidence and can control associated shipping costs, as well as getting the goods back.

• Bespoke returns service for you and your customers
• 74% of consumers review a retailer’s return policy before purchasing
• Approximately 50% of fashion items are returned

Benefits to the Service:

• Cost effective solution
• Delivery of ID8000 classified dangerous goods by air
• Full Track & Trace, door to door
• Fast delivery times across the whole of the USA
• For Lightweight eCommerce packages
• Final mile delivery by the USA’s largest trusted delivery company, USPS
• Norsk has 23 years of experience of distributing these products
• Access to our IATA trained Dangerous Goods department
• In house customs personnel for processing and advice
• Dedicated IATA trained customer service team

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