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Refund Policy

If resolved under Limited Liability, any claim for uninsured goods transiting through our network will be settled in the form of a credit note to your account.

Any claim by the Customer against the Company arising in respect of any service provided for the Customer or which the Company has undertaken to provide shall be made in writing and notified to the Company within 14 days of the date upon which the Customer became or should have become aware of any event or occurrence alleged to give rise to such claim and any claim not made and notified as aforesaid shall be deemed to be waived and absolutely barred except where the Customer can show that it was impossible for him to comply with this time limit and that he has made the claim as soon as it is reasonably possible for him to do so.

A loss claim, validly submitted, will be considered after these goods have been missing for a period of at least 28 days, and the Company endeavours to keep the Customer informed of progress.