China Domestic Flight Restriction

The below CN Towns & Cities are supported using domestic flights.

Shipments will need to be accompanied with a Non DG-certificate from an authorised Chinese test facility ie:
- North China: Beijing DGM Test Centre
- East China: Shanghai Chemical Institute
- South China: Guangzhou Chemical Institute

Shipments without a Non DG certificate to these addresses will be supported utilising a truck movement will incur an additional 3 - 7 day delay in transit.

City/Town Three Letter Code City/Town Three Letter Code
Zhanjiang HAK Kunming CTU
Haikou HAK Guiyang CTU
Nanning HAK Lasa CTU
Changsha HAK Langzhou BJS
Nanchang HAK Urumchi BJS
Zhuzou HAK Huhehot BJS
Zhengzhou HAK Baotou BJS
Luoyang HAK Shijiazhuang BJS
Fuzhou FOC Taiyuan BJS
Fuqing FOC Shengyang BJS
Chengdu CTU Harbin BJS
Chingqing CTU Changchun BJS

Domestic Postcode Exceptions

Below is a list of UK Domestic postcodes that cannot send or receive dangerous goods by road on the DHL International.

TDD domestic network. This is due to the fact these areas at present are only serviced by air. As and when changes to the network permit the carriage of this material, to these addresses a communication will be issued through your DHL Sales Manager.

UK Postcode Exceptions

Below are a list of UK Domestic postcodes that can not send or receive dangerous goods in Limited Quantities by road.

Postcode Service Centre Postcode Service Centre
AB - All ABZ / INV KA - All GLA
BT - All BFS / LDY KW - All ABZ / INV
DD - All EDI / ABZ KY - All EDI
DG3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 GLA ML - All GLA
EH - All EDI PA - All GLA / INV
FK - All EDI PH - All EDI / INV
G - All GLA TD - All EDI
HS - All INV ZE - All ABZ
IV - All INV IM - All IOM

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