Lithium Battery Section II Capability Guide

Country Lithium Ion Batteries PI966 & PI967 Section II Lithium Metal Batteries PI969 & PI970 Section II Lithium Batteries SP188 Road / Sea
Albania Y Y N
Algeria Y Y N
Andorra Y Y N
Antigua Y Y N
Argentina Y Y N
Aruba Y Y N
Australia Y Y N
Austria Y Y Y
Bahrain Y Y N
Bangladesh notes 1 & 7 notes 1 & 7 N
Barbados Y Y N
Belgium Y Y Y
Belize Y Y N
Benin Y Y N
Bermuda Y Y N
Bhutan notes 1 & 7 notes 1 & 7 N
Bolivia Y Y N
Bosnia & Herzegovina Y Y N
Botswana Y Y N
Brazil Y Y N
Bulgaria Y Y Y
Burkino Faso Y Y N
Cambodia Y Y N
Cameroon Y Y N
Canada Y Y N
Canary Islands Y Y N
Cayman Islands Y Y N
Channel Islands (JER & GCI) Y Y Y
Chile Y Y N
China note 2 note 2 N
Colombia Y Y N
Commonwealth, No Mariana Y Y N
Congo Y Y N
Congo, Democratic Republic of Y Y N
Cook Islands Y Y N
Corsica Y Y Y
Costa Rica Y Y N
Croatia note 12 note 12 Y
Curacao Y Y N
Cyprus Y Y N
Czech Republic Y Y Y
Denmark note 3 note 3 note 3
Dominican Republic Y Y N
Ecuador Y Y N
Egypt Y Y N
Eire Y Y Y
El Salvador Y Y N
Estonia Y Y Y
Fiji Y Y N
Finland Y Y Y
France Y Y Y
Gabon Y Y N
Germany Y Y Y
Ghana Y Y N
Gibraltar Y Y Y
Greece Y Y Y
Grenada Y Y N
Guatemala Y Y N
Guinea Equatorial Y Y N
Guinea Republic Y Y N
Guyana (British) Y Y N
Honduras Y Y N
Hong Kong Y Y N
Hungary Y Y Y
Iceland Y Y N
India Y Y N
Indonesia Y Y N
Iraq Y Y N
Israel Y Y N
Italy Y Y Y
Ivory Coast Y Y N
Japan Y Y N
Kiribati Y Y N
Kenya Y Y N
Kuwait Y Y N
Laos PDR notes 1 & 7 notes 1 & 7 N
Latvia Y Y Y
Lebanon Y Y N
Liberia Y Y N
Liechtenstein Y Y Y
Lithuania Y Y Y
Luxembourg Y Y Y
Macau Y Y N
Macedonia Y Y N
Malaysia note 6 note 6 N
Maldives Y Y N
Mali Y Y N
Malta Y Y N
Mauritius Y Y N
Mexico Y Y N
Moldova N N N
Mongolia note 18 note 18 N
Montenegro Y Y N
Morocco Y Y N
Mozambique Y Y N
Myanmar notes 1, 6 & 7 notes 1, 6 & 7 N
Nauru Republic of note 7 note 7 N
Nepal notes 1 & 7 notes 1 & 7 N
Netherlands Y Y Y
New Caledonia Y Y N
New Zealand Y Y N
Nicaragua Y Y N
Niger Y Y N
Nigeria Y Y N
Niue Y Y N
Norway note 8 note 8 note 8
Oman Y Y N
Pakistan note 7 note 7 N
Palau Y Y N
Panama Y Y N
Papa New Guinea Y Y N
Paraguay Y Y N
Peru Y Y N
Philippines Y Y N
Poland Y Y Y
Qatar note 22 note 22 N
Rwanda Y Y N
Samoa Y Y N
Senegal Y Y N
Serbia Y Y N
Seychelles Y Y N
Sierra Leone Y Y N
Singapore Y Y N
Slovakia Y Y N
Slovenia Y Y N
Solomon Islands Y Y N
South Africa Y Y N
South Korea Y Y N
Spain Y Y note 10
Sri Lanka Y Y N
St Maarten Y Y N
Sweden notes 19 & 21 notes 19 & 21 Y
Switzerland Y Y N
Tahiti Y Y N
Tanzania Y Y N
Taiwan note 18 note 18 N
Thailand note 6 note 6 N
Togo Y Y N
Tonga Y Y N
Trinidad & Tobago Y Y N
Tunisia N N N
Turkey note 5 note 5 N
Turk and Caicos Islands Y Y N
Uganda N N N
Ukraine Y Y N
United Arab Emirates Y Y N
United Kingdom (Excl. IM postcodes IOM) Y Y See UK Postcode Exemption
United States Y Y N
Uruguay Y Y N
Vanuatu Y Y N
Venezuela Y Y N
Vietnam Y Y N
Virgin Islands (US) Y Y N

Please see our additional notes section below to find out more information about each of the listed notes in the table above.

  1. Days 1-3 only.
  2. Additional requirement - 2 extra copies of the Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD).
  3. Additional 2 days transit. Shipments must also be IMDG compliant for ferry crossing.
  4. Inbound material exiting mainland UK is acceptable to these destinations. No outbound material. Multimodal Dangerous Goods Note must be supplied.
  5. Due to Ferry company restrictions, Marine Pollutants are not permitted to Eire.
  6. Mainland UK only. Excludes Scottish, Northern Ireland, and Offshore postcodes (please refer to the attached list for the full list of postcode exceptions).
  7. Loose Overpacks eg: Flyer bag not accepted.
  8. UN3373 (Biological Substances Category B), UN3245 (GMO or GMMO) & Exempt Human/Animal Specimens with an expiry date of 10 days or more from the shipping date.
  9. Prior notice required, please pre-alert
  10. Class 9 shipments only. Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities “Y” packing instructions are not permitted except ID8000.
  11. Forbidden UN numbers:
    1. Explosive material of class 1.
    2. Class 3: UN1204, UN2059, UN3064, UN3343, UN3357, UN3379.
    3. Class 4.1: UN1310, UN1320, UN1321, UN1322, UN1336, UN1337, UN1344, UN1347, UN1348, UN1349,UN1354, UN1355, UN1356,UN1357, UN1517, UN1571, UN2555, UN2556, UN2557, UN2852, UN2907, UN3317, UN3319, UN3344, UN3364, UN3365, UN3366, UN3367, UN3368, UN3369, UN3370, UN3376, UN3380.
  12. No Dangerous Goods service to Greenland.
  13. Importer of UN3373 / UN3245 must arrange a Saudi Food & Drug Authority permit prior to uplift.
  14. Can only be sent to following areas: ADA-ADA / ADA-GAZ / AYT-AYT / BSA-BSA / ESB-ESB / ESB-KAY / IGL-DNZ IGL-IGL / IST-CET / IST-WET / SAW- EAT / TEQ-HDM.
  15. Material Safety Data Sheet must be attached outside of every shipment.
  16. Three original copies of the Dangerous Goods Declaration to accompany the shipment.
  17. No service to BPN-TWQ, CGK, MES, TIM, & UPG.
  18. Additional 2-day transit time.
  19. Dangerous Goods Note must be supplied.
  20. Excludes Ceuta & Melilla.
  21. Excludes Jan Mayen & Svalbard.
  22. Transit Time is not guaranteed due to ferry connections.
  23. VOID.
  24. Cargo Aircraft Only limits prohibited.
  25. Excludes all Greek Islands.
  26. Monday to Friday only HKG codes. No transit material.
  27. TNG (Tangiers City) serviced areas closed.
  28. Cargo Aircraft Only quantities not accepted.
  29. Can only be sent to the following areas: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Osijek & Slavonski Brod.
  30. PAX & CAO quantities not accepted BPN-TWQ, CAO not accepted CGK, DPS, MES, SUB, TIM & UPG.
  31. No Dangerous Goods service to Isle of Golland (ARN-XXV Postcodes 62137 to 62470).
  32. Isle of Mann IM Postcodes only ID8000 material accepted. No other Dangerous Goods.
  33. Indonesia areas CGK, MES, TIM & UPG Bilingual shippers declaration required (entered information can be in English).
  34. Class 6.1 Forbidden.
  35. BUH open for Full Dangerous Goods under LQ road limits / CLJ & TSR open only for Limited Quantities by air as per IATA.


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